Yoga Classes


Our classes are based on the systematic practice of Yoga from the Hatha Yoga Tradition. Although there are said to be originally 8,400,000 asanas (postures), this method is based on 12 specific asanas which cultivate flexibility of the whole body through awareness, relaxation, concentration and meditation. There will be emphasis on breath work and relaxation throughout the practice.

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) will be performed at the beginning of the class. This will be followed by the12 asanas which include a variety of forward and backward bends in sitting, standing and lying positions, counter-stretches, balancing and inverted postures The class will end with various breathing exercises for calming and cleansing followed by a guided final relaxation. Yoga therapy will be taught according to the prescription of the Ayurveda Doctor.

Class duration is 1 hour.