I absolutely loved the cooking class I did with Renu. It was really interesting to learn about Ayurvedic philosophy and the Ayurvedic diet. I learnt a lot and Renu taught us in a way that made it really easy to understand. The actual cooking class was very well done. We learnt how to cook about 7 or 8 delicious dishes from start to finish. And then got to eat them all! I’ve now been cooking what I learn a few times a week in London. Highly recommended.

Nick from London

I had a consultation with Renu as well as a cooking class. I felt that the consultation was very beneficial and helpful. Renu took time to listen and asked thorough questions to shed light on my personal situation. I felt safe and looked after, free to open up and to share about my health and well-being. Renu had a pocket full of advise that she offered me, coming from her extensive knowledge and I am thankful for her time. I left feeling relieved and I had acquired more equipment for the toolbox I carry through life. In the time after the consultation I have been in touch with Renu and she´s been super quick to help me out with my woes, to give me tips and tricks to better whatever situation I have inquired about. I have a recording and notes from our consultation, as well as a couple of books on Ayurveda I picked up before leaving India. I would seek Renu´s council time again, as she has been kind and helpful along this journey. As for the cooking class, it was great fun and super hands on. We looked at dishes that would be a good fit for me considering my constitution and living situation at home, and we prepared buttermilk, ghee, chapati, paratha, a soup, some mixed vegetables. Loads! I make chapati almost every day, it was my favourite thing to learn as well as how to make a soup without the use of stock. I brought home so much tasty Ayurvedic food. Renu has provided me with the recipes, and I got a cookbook from the local bookshop from her recommended author. I now keep in mind wherever I am, and whatever I am doing, that it is to my best benefit, in all ways imaginable, to eat simple, fresh, hot, nutrient rich foods and I do my best to do exactly that, without being rigid, of course. Renu has, in my opinion, a great view on it all, and told me that Ayurveda can fit any lifestyle of any person. It´s adaptable and therefore suitable. How refreshing to speak with someone who has so much knowledge of this, someone who does not tell you do this and don´t do this, but enlightens you on why Ayurvedic practises are what they are, and then helps you figure out how to adopt and adapt them to suit you and your needs. All in all I am very thankful to have reached out to Renu, after seeing her poster on a wall in Rishikesh, and I am very thankful that she is available and encourages to contact if I have any Ayurveda queries- it´s been so helpful to me, and I am sure it will be for you too.


Thank you for everything as always Renu. Appreciate it so much. 


I studied an introduction to Ayurveda with Renu many years back. We have kept in touch ever since. She has a profound understanding of Ayurveda and I would thoroughly recommend studying with her.


Thank you so so much for the bags, all your hard work and everything you are doing to help woman!!!!

Marissa from Argentina living in New York

I had Ayurveda Cooking Class with Renu and her lovely assistant when I visited Rishikesh! It was an amazing experience, understand how the spices can influence our body, mind, and spirit! It was an authentic way to go deeper in the Indian culture! I thank Renu to guide me in the magic world of the spices!

Cecilia from Brazil

I initiated a project with ‘Stree’ for personalised Pooja equipment bags. The results were beautiful and showed the effort and attention to detail I required. The team were very co-operative amid changing needs . I am happy to support Stree’s vision to raise the status of women in India and the wider vision of Ayurveda to heal the planet as the extension of Self.

Tim Mitchell, Vedic Meditation and Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic educator and consultant. Melbourne, Australia

Thank you SO much to you and Kumari for the most delectable afternoon of cooking and learning! We learnt so much and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves…

Such a fantastic feast for the senses and so inspiring for our return “home” to kit ourselves out with some pressure cookers and get going!

Your passion and enthusiasm for the topic was so contagious and we loved it all..

Thank you for giving us so much time and also to Kumari for her help.

We have just savoured and devoured our delicious food (giving away the very few leftovers) and it was just scrumptious.

Some of our pics are below…

So lovely to meet you and can’t believe you lived on Rectory Road – such a small world!

Thank you also for the Bhakti Emporium tip 😉

Very best wishes,

Wendy and Rick from London

I met Renu many years ago in Rishikesh. The first time I consulted her about Ayurveda I had just had a bad car accident and as a result of an injury to my head, was experiencing very intense sciatic pain in my left leg. I was desperate, and she advised me to fly straight away to her Ayurveda Guru’s clinic in South India. After four weeks there I felt like a different person, as if I had been on a spiritual retreat, and my symptoms were gone.
The second time I visited the clinic I was due to go for surgery for a fractured shoulder that I had sustained as a result of a motorbike accident. At the time I had no idea that Ayurveda could help with fractures. Renu told me that i could avoid surgery through having Ayurveda Treatment. I was doubtful as it was a ‘structural’ injury but she explained Ayurveda’s way of looking at Structure through energies. I found it difficult to accept at first, but Renu suggested I take my reductionistic thinking hat off.
Soon after that I met her Ayurvedic Guru by accident in Rishikesh in India and he told me immediately after feeling my shoulder that I didn’t need to have surgery and that he could fix it. So I went back to the clinic in Coimbatore for another month. With two treatments a day including a Kerala Martial Art treatment which was very powerful, I got all my movement back in my shoulder. It was quite miraculous.
Renu has a great understanding of Ayurveda and her calm explanation of how its treatments and philosophy work convinced my original scepticism. As a result of my experience with Ayurveda I later interviewed Renu’s Guru Dr. Vasudevan for my website on alternative thinking called 3rd Space. You can find the interview here: http//:www.3rd-space.org
Steve from London

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity of an afternoon of learning with Renu and what a wonderful experience it was. Renu is so full of knowledge on ayerveda and practicle tips to make cooking easy and fun. We have continued to use many of the recipes she taught us in our day-to-day cooking back in Australia. Our favourite where definitely the palak paneer! If you have the chance, we definitely recommend taking one of her classes!!
Alex & Tom, Melbourne, Australia

I have had several consultations with Renu regarding my health condition. She has a helpful nature and shares are deep knowledge of Ayurveda in a logical way. She has helped me a great deal in prescribing appropriate medicines, diet and lifestyle advice for my condition.

Maa Anand Bhairavi

The bag has been in use and v useful for the market. The rest were either sold or given to friends. One gifted to Swami Saradananda. Thanks!

Caroline in London

This is Alice the French girl who has been attended your great cooking class last week! I was with my friends Johanne from Canada and Stephanie our guide. 
I would like to say you thank you so much for introducing your knowledge of Ayurveda in cooking. You can’t imagine how it made me happy. I was looking forward to have this kind of class since long time. I will buy books you recommend. Indian Ayurvedic food was perfect for me, i didn’t get sick during all my stay, I have usually problem for digestion. 
Your class was great because you explain well the different aspects of Ayurveda and how to link it with cooking. Then you show us all the steps to make the food. I bought all spices I can’t wait to try to do it. I am back in belgium and I don’t want to go back to my bad habbits: cheese and bread:-/ could you please send us the recipes you have done and the massala chai too please!
I suggest you to buy the content and fill it with spices in your appartement, I would have like to leave your cooking with all the spices I would need. Easier for us and no mistakes of buying the wrong ingredient. It is just a suggestion. Do you have a you tube channel or some video or a book ? 

Thank you for your sharing Renu it was a pleasure to meet you in this wonderful country. 

Thank you and best regards,

Alice lehoux from France

Time spent with Renu was my first experience with traditional Indian/ Ayurvedic cooking. Renu has very kind and open attitude with explaning and sharing knowledge and her experience, so the time we spent in two visits was very enyojing and relaxed, and we covered one whole meal with delicious halva ending. Also Renu helped me with advice from her Ayurvedic experience, that i benefited very much. 
Thank you


I just recently worked with Renu to work on some health issues that seemed to have no direct cause, according to my regular doctor. I met Renu 7 years ago when studying Vedanta in Rishikesh. She always came across as a sincere, very knowledgable person about Ayurveda so when I had these problems come up she was the first person I turned to.
Even though I was a few thousand miles away she did a very thorough and accurate diagnosis and told me of some of my issues without me telling her directly. I have been taking some prescribed Ayurveda medications for a little over a month now and I have already seen an improvement in a couple of my issues so I am sold on continuing with her for at least another month.
Her consultation and medicines she gave me are not expensive compared to a few major Ayurveda clinics in India. And she has always been available to answer questions when they come up for me. I find Renu to be a very sincere, compassionate and also funny and relaxed person to work with. I’m glad I decided to let her treat me and I’m confident she will get to the root of my problems and get them corrected soon.
Guy from USA and Vietnam