In collaboration with Punarnava Ayurveda Trust

We are urgently seeking support to buy food for our women and children who are living in impoverished & dysfunctional situations from domestic violence to single parents to widows. We are now also supporting migrant workers.

STREE has been supporting many weavers, artists farmers & eco-product artisans from the regions of Rishikesh, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh and Kerala in India.

Stree has a provision for free food, Ayurveda medicines and wellness advice for the poor and needy throughout the country.

If you wish to make a contribution or contact us, please do so via our contact page or

Email: or

Whats App +84457 22877

Should you have any other ideas to support our women and children during this covid crisis, pleass do let us know.

Methods of Payment

We have options of making payments via Paypal or Bank Transfer. Please contact us so that we can advise you of the most appropriate method for you.

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Here are some images of the food distribution that has been carried out in Rishikesh by our dedicated team member Laxmi.

We will be updating these images regularly.