Individualised consultations based on Ayurveda principles both in person or on line can be provided to enhance wellness and rejuvenation or treat disease. Dietary and lifestyle changes will be recommended according to your habitat and modern life situation. Our advice will be practical and can be easily incorporated into a busy work and family life. Medicinal or herbal supplements and treatments will be prescribed as required. Yoga, Yoga therapy, Meditation, Pranayama will be prescribed if appropriate.

I had a consultation with Renu as well as a cooking class. I felt that the consultation was very beneficial and helpful. Renu took time to listen and asked thorough questions to shed light on my personal situation. I felt safe and looked after, free to open up and to share about my health and well-being. Renu had a pocket full of advise that she offered me, coming from her extensive knowledge and I am thankful for her time. I left feeling relieved and I had acquired more equipment for the toolbox I carry through life. In the time after the consultation I have been in touch with Renu and she´s been super quick to help me out with my woes, to give me tips and tricks to better whatever situation I have inquired about. I have a recording and notes from our consultation, as well as a couple of books on Ayurveda I picked up before leaving India. I would seek Renu´s council time again, as she has been kind and helpful along this journey. As for the cooking class, it was great fun and super hands on. We looked at dishes that would be a good fit for me considering my constitution and living situation at home, and we prepared buttermilk, ghee, chapati, paratha, a soup, some mixed vegetables. Loads! I make chapati almost every day, it was my favourite thing to learn as well as how to make a soup without the use of stock. I brought home so much tasty Ayurvedic food. Renu has provided me with the recipes, and I got a cookbook from the local bookshop from her recommended author. I now keep in mind wherever I am, and whatever I am doing, that it is to my best benefit, in all ways imaginable, to eat simple, fresh, hot, nutrient rich foods and I do my best to do exactly that, without being rigid, of course. Renu has, in my opinion, a great view on it all, and told me that Ayurveda can fit any lifestyle of any person. It´s adaptable and therefore suitable. How refreshing to speak with someone who has so much knowledge of this, someone who does not tell you do this and don´t do this, but enlightens you on why Ayurvedic practises are what they are, and then helps you figure out how to adopt and adapt them to suit you and your needs. All in all I am very thankful to have reached out to Renu, after seeing her poster on a wall in Rishikesh, and I am very thankful that she is available and encourages to contact if I have any Ayurveda queries- it´s been so helpful to me, and I am sure it will be for you too.


Thank you for everything as always Renu. Appreciate it so much. 


I met Renu many years ago in Rishikesh. The first time I consulted her about Ayurveda I had just had a bad car accident and as a result of an injury to my head, was experiencing very intense sciatic pain in my left leg. I was desperate, and she advised me to fly straight away to her Ayurveda Guru’s clinic in South India. After four weeks there I felt like a different person, as if I had been on a spiritual retreat, and my symptoms were gone.
The second time I visited the clinic I was due to go for surgery for a fractured shoulder that I had sustained as a result of a motorbike accident. At the time I had no idea that Ayurveda could help with fractures. Renu told me that i could avoid surgery through having Ayurveda Treatment. I was doubtful as it was a ‘structural’ injury but she explained Ayurveda’s way of looking at Structure through energies. I found it difficult to accept at first, but Renu suggested I take my reductionistic thinking hat off.
Soon after that I met her Ayurvedic Guru by accident in Rishikesh in India and he told me immediately after feeling my shoulder that I didn’t need to have surgery and that he could fix it. So I went back to the clinic in Coimbatore for another month. With two treatments a day including a Kerala Martial Art treatment which was very powerful, I got all my movement back in my shoulder. It was quite miraculous.
Renu has a great understanding of Ayurveda and her calm explanation of how its treatments and philosophy work convinced my original scepticism. As a result of my experience with Ayurveda I later interviewed Renu’s Guru Dr. Vasudevan for my website on alternative thinking called 3rd Space. You can find the interview here: http//
Steve from London

I have had several consultations with Renu regarding my health condition. She has a helpful nature and shares are deep knowledge of Ayurveda in a logical way. She has helped me a great deal in prescribing appropriate medicines, diet and lifestyle advice for my condition.

Maa Anand Bhairavi